Getting Started with GOOP Development Suite

This tool will make you more productive when creating and maintaining LabVIEW classes. In addition, it will help you create and maintain reference based classes using different class templates;  Endevo GOOP 4,  Endevo GOOP 3 and the OpenG Class Templates.

The GOOP Development Suite creates LabVIEW classes from three alternative groups, or providers, of class templates: LabVIEW classes, Endevo GOOP 4, Endevo GOOP 3. Which class provider is used when you create a new classes depends on the selection in the GOOP Options. GOOP 3 Class Template and .

The tool will maintain VI icons of classes and all VI:s of the class but also supports VI icons of  VI:s not belonging to a class.

You can rename classes, clone classes, change inheritance, edit class wire and the class appearance in the LabVIEW project.

When renaming a (GOOP 4 or GOOP 3) class or changing inheritance make sure to use the features in this tool and not the native LabVIEW features, since this tool will ensure the class templates are handled properly by re linking and renaming VI:s and CTL:s of the class.

Use the index to the left to get more information about the various tool features.

Introduction video:

Introduction to GOOP Development Suite