Welcome to Open GOOP Development Suite

This repository is for a fully open source version of GOOP Development Suite. This version is not a replacement of NI’s Version GOOP Development Suite, it’s only a test bed where we can try things a bit easier and faster.
You can use NI’s version from here:
But it has not been updated for a few years.
The OpenGDS version below contians more features and more bug fixes.

For more info and videos check out the community page

You can either use the built installers below, or check out the source code straight into your development system.
The source code only contains the additional Build VIs to create the installers and re-compile it to different version.

You can find build releases here:

Help us beta test the new LV2020 OpenGDS version with support of interfaces.

OpenGDS 1.2.54(LV2020) LV2020-32
OpenGDS 1.2.54(LV2020) LV2020-64

How to get started: You need to clone the Repository into your LabVIEW20XX folder (currently the Master branch is in LabVIEW2014). To do this you can clone it into a temporary directory and then copy this into the LabVIEW-folder. In Windows:

git clone c:\LabVIEW2014-temp 
xcopy C:\labview2014-temp C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2014 /H /Y /R /S